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I hope you will find something within these pages that just reaches out and grabs ya'! Dare I hope to entertain you a little, enlighten you... well that's debatable, but then this site was not built for rocket scientists *grin* It is my prayer that you will have your spirits lifted and your burdens lightened, so if I can put a smile on your face or a song in your heart before you leave... then my day will be made.

There are drop down menus of the various categories in my site at the top of this page... the menu bar will follow you as you scroll down the page. New or updated pages in the drop down menus will have an asterisk beside them. I hope you will bookmark this page and visit often ENJOY! ~Lou~

NOTE: My health continues to deteriorate, and each breath is fought for, but I am fighting... (COPD and lung cancer). Due to smoking for 45 years. So... as and when and if I can, I will add new pages.

I want to thank each and every person who has come across my site, and signed my guestbook or emailed me with your very nice comments. Even when I can't answer your emails or comments, please know that I appreciate all of them and your prayers. I am lifted up by them. You have helped... and are helping me along my journey and I pray for God's blessings on all of you.

God is good and it is in Him that I live and move and have my very being. ~ Lou ~

Evening Shadows

My heart is where my home is
So peacefully serene
As evening shadows twinkle
The lights for miles will gleam

For in this place that I exist
Where shadows fill the moon
Twinkling stars now pirouette
Without a special tune

Dancing on the path I take
That glows within my heart
All these things I can't mistake
Of which I am a part

Days of beauty that I seek
I find it when I am here
All my troubles fade away
They always disappear

Join me in this happiness
Feel my special glow
Welcome to this place of bliss
Where spirits freely flow.

Francine Pucillo
Copyright June 13, 2003

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In Remembrance
We Remember

Support Our Troops
Support America

Keep the candle burning until our troops come home

Please continue to remember our soldiers, their families and our leaders in your daily prayers.

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This site is dedicated to my Family and Friends.
Especially to my loving husband Rip, my wonderful Son
and Daughter-in-law, and my very precious Grandchildren.
They are The Lights of My Life...and every day is
another opportunity to thank God for them.


Dear Visitors,

Regretfully, on July 31st, my other site, Tones Into Treasures will be closed. I am not renewing my account there. I finally decided I was too physically AND mentally challenged :-/ to keep them both. IgLou has given me more space here and I will try to put some of my faves from my Tones site, here on Lou's Place. I will remove the Tones link from all my pages in this site as soon as possible.

There are NO annoying pop-ups, ads or banners on Lou's Place and it sure is a peaceful experience surfing without them!

By the way, I am NOT buying or selling anything on this site... I only hope that you will find something you enjoy and will visit me again :-)

Please sign my guestbook,
I just love reading your comments :-)




I support Breast Cancer Awareness...The pink ribbon will take you to my page of helpful info and support to anyone affected by breast cancer. I urge you to visit the page and GET INFORMED about the disease that turns so many of our lives upside down. As a breast cancer survivor, I know how important this is.

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