My Chihuahua's

Lady        Cha Cha

I now have one male Toy Chihuahua pup, and one female. They looks just like the Taco Bell dog, and I keep telling people there not the dog in the add. I hope to breed and sell the pups. Will need to find a stud to do it. Cha Cha was recently fixed. He became too agressive with my wife, and granddaughters. But Lady is fine, and ready to make them. If your interested in pups, drop me a line.

See Ya!

I'll race you                Cha Cha won!

Who needs a pit bull with Cha Cha around!

I thought I saw a putty tat!

Lady escaping from her pen.

More info on the pen above

More Pictures of Cha Cha and Lady