Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River, at Breaks Interstate Park.  Pike County.  October 5, 2005.  3:09 p.m. EDT.

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*Standalone photo

     The Breaks is the name given many years ago to a "break" in the Appalachian mountain chain at the border of present-day Virginia and Kentucky.   A deep canyon carved by the Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River,  The Breaks meanders through the surrounding mountains, roughly east to west.
     Today, there is Breaks Interstate Park, which is run jointly by the two states.  It's a little harder to get to than most state parks in Kentucky, but not by much.  Most of the mountain roads to the park have been upgraded in the last several years.  The park offers spectacular views down to the river 1,000 feet below, and up across the tops of mountains in Kentucky, out to the far horizon.  At river level, there are views like the one in the photo, above.
     Accomodations at the park are modern--a lodge, cottages, a swimming pool.  There is a lake, marked trails, and many overlooks.  Whitewater rafting is popular in the area.

     *Follow this link to the park website.

Posted October 16, 2005.