Yearling filly
at a horse farm
in Woodford County.
June 16, 2005.
6:21 p.m. EDT.


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     The filly in this picture is one of hundreds of horses at a big Thoroughbred breeding farm in Woodford County.  She was in a field with two other fillies, and the three of them had been separated from others in their barn who had shown more promise as racehorses.  Even  with that seeming failure, well-bred horses like this one can be useful without running a race.  This filly, and her friends, likely will make good broodmares.  One of them could be the mother of a Kentucky Derby winner someday.

     I shot this picture on assignment for a tourism agency; they were looking for a dynamic shot of horses that could be used on a magazine cover.  As it turned out, I didn't get a solid cover photo for the magazine.  None of the stuff I shot showed enough excitement, which is what the agency wanted for the cover.  Nonetheless, I was pleased with several of the pictures, including this one.  Some of them probably will be used in various, smaller ways over the next few years.

       It's ironic, to my mind anyway, that this little filly and the picture of her share the same problem:  Pretty, pleasant and potentially useful, but not enough action to make the cut.

Posted July 10, 2005.