Public meeting at the First Southern National Bank community room, on the square in Lancaster.

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     This was an open meeting of citizens and public officials, about the chances that government might develop a new state park on Herrington Lake, in Garrard County.  Like so many other small farming communities in the state,  Lancaster and Garrard County are in danger of drying up economically.  Almost everybody at the standing-room-only meeting agreed that a new state park could enliven commerce in the area. 
     I don't know what the community room building was in its past life, but it sure has the look of a drygoods store.  The buggies in the storefront windows are museum pieces, of a type. 

     I have a long family history in Garrard County, on my mother's side.  She was a Conn.  The Conns were farming people, kind, thoughtful, and old-fashioned in every word and deed.  The ones I knew are all gone now, and I don't have any close relatives in Garrard County anymore.

     Lancaster is pronounced "Lank'-aster", not "Lan'-kaster".  The town is about 30 miles south of Lexington on US 27 in Central Kentucky.

Posted May 23, 2005.