Ash tree swamp, barely frozen.  Shelby County.  January 29, 2005.  3:01 p.m. EST.

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     Strictly speaking, the area in the photo above is a swamp, but I don't believe it's a swamp in the classic sense.  It's not a bog or a marsh.  It appears that man had a hand in its making.
     This little piece of Earth is at the intersection of KY 395 and KY 1005 in eastern Shelby County.  Just out of the picture, to the left, is an old pond.  The raised beds of the two roads form a dam, and there isn't a drainage pipe under the roads.  Over the years, it seems, the level of the pond has risen to include this grove of ash trees.  I have passed by this scene many times in last 20-plus years.  Even in the hottest days of the year, I have never seen this swamp dried out.
     The trees in the swamp are green ashes, named not for their foliage, but for their bark.  
Posted January 29, 2005.