The road into Jacksonville after an ice storm.  Shelby County.  December 24, 2004.  1:29 p.m. EST.


     A powerful winter storm blew through our region of the country on December 22-23.  From central Indiana south to the Ohio River, as much as 30 inches of snow fell.  South of the river, in Kentucky, there was less snow, but more ice.  My home in northeastern Shelby County, Kentucky, is about 35 miles south of the river, and we got two inches of ice, topped with another couple of inches of snow.  The night after the storm, Christmas Eve, temperatures in the area fell to zero or below.
     This scene in Jacksonville, above, was typical in our area on Christmas Eve.  Roads were covered, and trees were burdened with a thick coating of ice.  Many tree limbs fell and blocked the roadways.  A few miles east of this view, a barn collapsed under the weight of snow and ice.  The barn was on Terry Crawford's place and was, in fact, the background of a photo of Terry published on this website in October 2002 (link).  As far as I know, none of Terry's livestock was hurt when the barn fell.       
Posted December 26, 2004.