The state Capitol dome, mostly obscured by the Capitol Annex office building.  August 31, 2004.  11:36 a.m. EDT.


     The Capitol Annex is the government office building closest to the Kentucky Capitol building, located just across the street.  Built in 1953, the "Annex" provides office space for more than a thousand state government employees.
     There is an old joke in Frankfort that when the Capitol Annex was new, then-Gov. Lawrence Weatherby was hosting a governor from a neighboring state.  Riding through Frankfort with Weatherby, the visiting governor commented on the new office building.
     "How many people work in that building?" the visitor asked.
     "Oh, about half," replied Gov. Weatherby. 
The photo lab where I work has been operating in the Capitol Annex basement since the building first opened. 
Posted September 17, 2004.