A crane clears debris from a fire at the 'castle' in Woodford County.  May 12, 2004.  1:39 p.m. EDT.


     Many of you already may know that a fire on the night of May 10 destroyed much of the "castle" on US 60 in Woodford County, a landmark that has been featured on this website a couple of times--most recently last month.
     I was in West Kentucky the night the castle burned, and didn't know anything about it until the next day.  The photo, above, was shot on Wednesday, nearly two full days after the Monday night fire.  There's really not much to see.  The castle walls were not seriously damaged, and they hide from view much of the fire scene.  But it's possible to make out some of the details.  The tall stone structures, blackened with heat and smoke, were part of the main central house which was burned to the ground.  At far right you can see some rubble through an open gate.  The vehicles parked at the site belong to fire investigators and construction workers.
     The perimeter gates to the castle property are locked.  I called the Kentucky State Police arson investigator's office, trying to get permission to enter the property and take a few photos closeup.  It was predictable, I suppose, that they denied my request.
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