MMI cadets practice the Arch of Swords in front of the Allen House.  April 23, 2004.  5:39 p.m. EDT.

Photographer's comments:
     Millersburg Military Institute is a private college preparatory academy for boys in grades 6-12.   Founded in 1893, MMI has operated continuously since then at the same location in Millersburg, a small Bourbon County farming community about 30 miles northeast of Lexington.
     Always a small school--a typical graduating class through the years has had about 15 cadets--MMI has fallen on hard times in the last decade.  Enrollment fell, and admissions receipts and contributions from alumni could not pay the bills.  In 2002 MMI announced that it was going to close.  That announcement must have shocked alumni and community leaders into action, because the school survived, continues today, and has made revitalization plans for the future.
     MMI emphasizes that while it is a military academy, its goal is not necessarily to produce military men.  Instead, the idea is to educate boys in a structured, disciplined, challenging environment so that they will be prepared for leadership roles in military or civilian life.
     Still, though, the military tradition is there, and not just in the cadets' uniforms.  A stone marker on the outside wall of the school gymnasium honors the 19 MMI graduates who lost their lives in World War II.  Surely, there have been many other MMI boys who have died serving the country in wars before and after.
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Photos of MMI graduating classes from many years past cover the walls of the Allen House, a 19th-Century house that serves as the school's administration building.

Cadets waiting for the start of a parade.


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Posted April 25, 2004.