Henbit and dandelions covering a field in Woodford County.  April 10, 2004.  6 p.m. EDT.


     Many fields in central Kentucky are purple with henbit every spring.  Henbit, lamium aplexicaule, is an annual weed that thrives in turfland.  It's a member of the mint family.  A mass of henbit blooming in a field of bluegrass is a stunning sight.  And because henbit blooms, dies, and gets out of the way by late in May, it's not terribly harmful to the grass beneath.
     Dandelions, of course, are dandelions. 
More location information:
Off Pisgah Pike in eastern Woodford County.  Woodford County is in the central part of the state, in a region known as the Inner Bluegrass. 
Posted April 13, 2004.