Farm entrance sign near Richmond, Madison County.  August 8, 2003.  12:41 p.m. EDT.

Photographer's comments:
     Battlefield Farm is named for the Civil War Battle of Richmond, which occured August 29-30, 1862, at and around this location.
     It appears that charolais beef cattle are raised (or once were raised) on the farm.  Much of Battlefield Farm has been subdivided for new houses and a golf course.

     Battlefield Farm is adjacent to the Bluegrass Army Depot, a 15,000-acre U.S. government facility where thousands of World War II-era nerve gas rockets and other chemical weapons are stored.  The second link below has more information. 
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1) Here's some information about the Battle of Richmond, on
    2) Here is information about the nerve gas rockets stored in Madison County.  It's from
More location information:
Off US 25 between Richmond and Berea.
     Madison County is in the central part of the state, just south of Lexington.
     37° 40.24'N, 84° 15.84'W.  The view is north-northeast. 
Posted August 9, 2003.