American bison, or "buffalo", at sunset.  Shelby County.  January 17, 2003.  5:58 p.m. EST.

Photographer's comments:
     The bison in the photo above is part of a herd of about 500 at Buffalo Crossing, a 1000-acre farm in northeastern Shelby County.
     American bison are commonly referred to as buffalo, even though they are not related to the true buffalo of the world.  Bison are the legendary "buffalo" that once roamed North America by the millions.  Hunted nearly to extinction in the 19th Century, they now number about 300,000, mostly in parks, preserves and on farms such as Buffalo Crossing.  Bison are native to this area, they are amazingly hardy, and thrive with very little care.  Unlike beef cattle, bison are not domesticated.  They are contained by fencing, but they are still wild.
     Buffalo Crossing is one of three bison farms I know of in Kentucky; there are many others across the United States.  The bison are raised for their meat, a lower-fat alternative to beef and pork.
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     Entranceway decorations at Buffalo Crossing Restaurant, Market and Family Fun Ranch, a retail adjunct to the farm.
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1) This is the Buffalo Crossing website.  Lots of information about bison and this agricultural-and-commercial enterprise in Shelby County.
More location information:
38° 17.37'N, 85° 07.42'W.  The view is southwest.  Off KY 43 in northeastern Shelby County.
     Shelby County is in the northcentral part of the state. 
Posted January 19, 2003.