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11-13-2003.  Old farmhouse and a satellite dish overlooking the Kentucky River.  Carroll County.

11-8-2003.  Lunar eclipse, viewed from Shelby County.

10-31-2003.  Little girl looking at a big Jack 'o Lantern on Halloween night.  Frankfort, Franklin County.

10-15-2003.  Pizza boat alongside the Kentucky River.  Carroll County.

10-15-2003.  Front of Methodist church, decorated with mums, in New Castle, Henry County.

9-23-2003.  Pumpkins and watermelons in the back yard.  Shelby County.

8-21-2003.  Auctioning a champion lamb at the Kentucky State Fair, Jefferson County.

8-11-2003.  The highway bridge over Benson Creek in Frankfort, Franklin County.

8-8-2003.  'Charolais bull' entrance sign at Battlefield Farm near Richmond, Madison County.

7-29-2003.  Advertisement for a 'haunted house' painted on the side of a hearse.  Mercer County.

7-22-2003.  A sudden summer shower at the Berry mansion in Frankfort.  Franklin County.

6-17-2003.  Cumberland Falls in flood.  Whitley/McCreary County.

6-12-2003.  Southern magnolia in bloom.  Franklin County.

5-24-2003.  Setting tobacco plugs with a modern setter.  Near Bagdad in Shelby County.

5-12-2003.  Front yard of a home on West Todd Street.  Frankfort, Franklin County.

4-30-2003.  The Great Steamboat Race on the Ohio River at Louisville during Derby Week.  Jefferson County.

4-12-2003.  Peaceful Saturday afternoon in Bagdad, Kentucky, USA.  Shelby County.

3-28-2003.  Early spring day in the Eastern Kentucky coalfields.  Pike County.

3-4-2003.  A red Cadillac viewed through a grove of black locust trees.  Franklin County.

2-18-2003.  Last year's sunflowers after an ice storm.  Franklin County.

1-17-2003.  The buffalo are back home in Kentucky.  Shelby County.

1-3-2003.  The Jacksonville water tower and roll-bales of hay in the snow.  Shelby County.