Laurel County, near London.  May 9, 2000.

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     That an entire house can be moved is, to my mind, one of the wonders of the world.  I've seen several houses moved over the years.  Once in Carter County I even saw where a whole tobacco barn was moved to another spot about a half-mile away.  But this house in Laurel County, sitting on top of its full basement, appears to be a different kind of moving job.
     The land around the house, about five acres' worth, had been graded down to the level of the road that runs in the background of this photo.  It would be safe to guess that some sort of commercial development was planned for the site.  Whoever was operating the earthmovers carefully scraped the soil from around the house and basement, and didn't damage either in the process.
     It would be almost beyond belief to think that housemovers were planning to move the house and the basement, intact.  More likely, they were going to take the house off the basement, then move the house away.
     I've passed by this place several times since.  The house is gone, but I haven't been able to find its new location.
     As of early 2006, the field where the house originally sat is mostly unchanged.  Weeds and sapling trees have grown up, but there has been no development of any kind.

Posted November 21, 2002; revised February 12, 2006.