On the dance floor at a convention.  Near Kentucky Lake in Marshall County.  September 10, 2002.  10:07 p.m. CDT.

Photographer's comments:
     The dancers, above, had been attending a business convention at a resort near Kentucky Lake earlier in the day.
     The landscape of far western Kentucky is dominated by two huge manmade lakes, Kentucky and Barkley.  Fed, respectively, by the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers, each lake is more than a mile wide and nearly 200 miles long.  They run parallel down into the state of Tennessee.
     That area of Kentucky, once mostly agricultural, now has tourism as its major industry, giving jobs to thousands and bringing in millions of tourist dollars every year.  Kentucky state government operates three large resort parks on the lakes, and there are dozens of privately-owned resorts, large and small, up and down the shorelines.  The federal government owns 170,000 acres of land in between the two lakes, maintained as an undeveloped recreational area for camping, fishing, and so forth.
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1) "Explore Kentucky Lake" is one of several websites dedicated to the lakes region.
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At the Kentucky Dam Village Convention Center, Gilbertsville. 
Posted September 26, 2002.