Replacement grave markers at the Hall Cemetery.  Union Ridge Road, Franklin County.   August 21, 2002.  7:56 p.m. EDT.  38° 19.67'N, 84° 46.87'W.  The view is northeast.

Photographer's comments:
     This rural family cemetery near Peak's Mill in Franklin County is noteworthy because it hasn't been abandoned, even though the most recent burial was about 100 years ago.  Nearly all the original gravemarkers were made of soft native limestone, and they have eroded and broken over the years.  None of the engravings on those stones can still be read.  Two surviving stones are of granite; both are dated around 1900.
     Union Ridge is rocky terrain.  Perhaps because the soil is so thin, many of the graves have sunk a foot or more beneath ground level, as though there just wasn't enough dirt to fill in the grave properly at the time of burial.  The limestone grave markers probably were dug from outcroppings in the immediate area.
     In the last few years, someone--likely a member of the modern Hall family--has marked each of the old graves with a small, metal cross.  There are no inscriptions on the crosses, but at least the old family graves are marked and not forgotten.
Posted September 1, 2002.