Confederate monument on the courthouse square in Murray, Calloway County.  August 3, 2002.  9:49 a.m. CDT.

Photographer's comments:
     Kentucky never left the Union during the American Civil War, but there were areas of support for the Confederacy throughout the state, the strongest in West Kentucky.  About a third of the Kentuckians who fought in the Civil War fought on the Southern side.  As one result of this, we have a number of Confederate monuments in the state, concentrated, once again, in West Kentucky.
      As I was shooting these pictures, a man and woman walked past me on the sidewalk.  The man stopped and pointed out to me that the sword on Robert E. Lee's statue atop the monument was broken at the hilt.  "Vandals!", the man said.
Other photos of this subject:
      1) A full-length view of the monument.  It originally was designed so that people could step up into it and drink from a water fountain at its center.  The fountain is still there, but I assume it no longer works.  Perhaps as a response to vandalism, a metal fence was erected some time ago to keep people out.
Posted August 10, 2002.