Nada tunnel.  Powell County.  June 18, 2002.  12:47 p.m. EDT.  37° 49.04'N, 83° 40.96'W.  The view is southwest.

Photographer's comments:
     Nada tunnel, dug in 1910-11 for trains to haul logs through a mountain to a sawmill on the other side, is considered the western gateway to the Red River Gorge geological area of Daniel Boone National Forest.
     Here's what a sign at the entrance of the tunnel says:
     "Gateway to Red River Gorge, Nada tunnel (measuring 13'x12'x900') was constructed to haul logs via narrow gauge railroad from timber operations in the gorge.  Construction began in Dec. 1910 and was completed in Sept. 1911.  Rock and dirt were removed by dynamite, steam drills and hand tools.  One man was killed during tunnel construction when he attempted to thaw frozen dynamite which exploded when he set it near a fire.
     "A 25-ton and a 35-ton Climax locomotive were used to haul logs through the tunnel starting in 1912.  The first load of logs became jammed in the tunnel and had to be dynamited free.  It was enlarged to accomodate the large logs common to the area.
     "The railroad carried the logs 15 miles to a mill at Clay City.  At one time it was the largest sawmill in the eastern United States." 
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More location information:
Powell County is in the east-central part of the state. 
Posted June 30, 2002.