Crosses overlooking I-64 at Grayson, Carter County.  June 14, 2002.  5:54 p.m. EDT.  38° 20.66'N, 82° 56.37'W.  The view is southeast.

Photographer's comments:
     Each of these three crosses is about 10 feet tall.  They were planted on top of a hill near I-64 at Grayson in Carter County some time ago.  They've been there for at least six or seven years that I know of.  Since the time they were erected, the hill and the large field surrounding it have been graded to accomodate commercial development at the Grayson interchange of I-64 (that accounts for the Golgotha-looking knob on top of the hill).  Five years ago when this development began, I photographed on black-and-white film a tobacco barn being moved out of the way to a new location.  The crosses were there at the time, but I consciously avoided photographing them.  Maybe I thought they were just too obvious a shot.  At this point I don't remember.
     Coming back home from an assignment in Ashland June 14, I saw that that a thunderstorm was passing southeast of Grayson and the hill where the crosses are.  I pulled off to get a picture of them, hoping that the sun in the west would highlight them against the darkening sky in the east.  That's not exactly how the shot worked out, but I still like it pretty well.  
More location information:
Carter County is in the northeastern part of the state. 
Posted June 14, 2002.