US 119 winding up the side of Pine Mountain.  Letcher County.  April 15, 2002.  2:21 p.m. EDT.  37° 05.01'N, 82° 48.00W.  The view is south.

Photographer's comments:
     It is most famous for coal, but Pine Mountain is rich in many other minerals.  The evidence can be seen leaching from this cut in the mountain beside US 119. 
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      1) Wayne Gaylord and his great-grandson, photographed across the road from this location, with mountains in the background.
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More location information:
     US 119 between Whitesburg and Harlan.
     Letcher County is in the southeastern part of the state.  It borders Virginia on the east.
     The elevation at this location is about 2,600 feet above sea level. 
Tech notes:
Posted April 20, 2002.