Franklin County.  April 7, 2002.  6:38 p.m. EDT.  View is east.

Photographer's comments:
     I took this picture because the hi-boy reminded me of a knight's armored steed, with lances poised on either flank, ready for battle.
     Okay, so that's pretty fanciful, especially when describing a piece of motorized farming equipment.  Still, though, can't you imagine it, just a little bit, if you squint your eyes?
     A hi-boy is a sort of tractor designed with high ground clearance on either side so it can drive up and down crop rows without damaging the plants.  The pointed "armor" over the wheels keeps the plants from getting caught in the tires.  The "lances" are spray booms for pesticides and other chemicals.  In this photo the booms are folded forward for storage.  They are spread out when in use.
     Because hi-boys are so specialized, most farmers don't own one.  Instead, they usually will pay someone who owns a hi-boy to do the spraying.  Although hi-boys can be used to spray a variety of crops, in Kentucky they most often are used in tobacco. 
Other photos of this subject:
     1) This photo from September 2001 shows another way hi-boys are used in tobacco farming.  Note that the spray booms are removed and some boards have been laid down for passenger seats.
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More location information:
Off KY 12, Dry Ridge Road, in northern Franklin County.
     Franklin County is in the central part of the state. 
Tech notes:
Posted April 9, 2002.