Mare and weanling foal grazing.  Fayette County.  April 4, 2002.  1:52 p.m. EST.  View is southeast.

Photographer's comments:
     Looking through this website a couple of weeks ago, I saw pictures of deer, goats and vultures--but no horses.  Here we are, right in the middle of horse country, and I didn't have any horse pictures to show you.  So here you go.
     This Thoroughbred mare and weanling foal were grazing in a field off Ironworks Pike just north of Lexington in Fayette County.  It was a peaceful, springtime scene, but the mare was still cautious.  Look at her closely:  She was watching me the whole time.
     Lexington styles itself the Horse Capital of the World, and rightfully so.  There are dozens of famous Thoroughbred farms in Fayette County.  Keeneland, on the other side of the county, is a racetrack and sales facility where the horses run in spring and fall, and yearlings are sold for millions of dollars.  The Kentucky Horse Park, the USA's only state park dedicated to horses of all breeds, is a few miles west of the location of the above photo.
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     There are so many websites on this subject that I wouldn't know where to begin.  Just go to and type in:  lexington kentucky horse.  That should get you plenty of information. 
More location information:
     Ironworks Pike is KY 1973.
     Lexington and Fayette County are located in the center of the state.
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Posted April 9, 2002.