Huge tire from a piece of coal mining equipment.  Breathitt County.  37° 28.96'N, 83° 19.60'W.  View is north.  March 30, 2002.  12:01 p.m. EST.

Photographer's comments:
     Coal is still king in Eastern Kentucky, and often the most efficient way to mine it is by digging from the surface to the coal seams that can be hundreds of feet below.  That may require the removal of entire mountaintops to get to the coal.  The coal industry calls this practice "surface mining", environmentalists call it "strip mining".
     Whichever term you want to use, the work is the same, and some of the largest vehicles on Earth must be used to get the job done.  I believe the big tire in the photo above may have been used on a coal mine dumptruck.
     The tire is a sort of landmark for Pogo's Patio, a roadside restaurant that is now closed.  The building to the left of the tire is, or was, a scuba-diving business.      
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More location information:
Beside KY 15 at the community of Lost Creek.
     Breathitt County is in the southeast part of the state. 
Tech notes:
Posted March 31, 2002.