Shelby County near Jacksonville.  March 18, 2002  7:47 a.m. EST.


     Daffodils are hardy and aren't bothered too much by pests, and they can survive for many decades with little or no care.  But they are not native to America.  Here, each new daffodil bulb must be planted by a human hand.  Even when you see daffodils blooming in the middle of a field, as in the photo above, you can bet those flowers aren't growing there by accident.  Years ago, someone planted them beside a walkway or along a fence in the side yard of her home.
     So it seems in this picture.  The house and the people who lived in it are long gone; even the old shade tree is dead.  But the orphan daffodils still bloom every spring, right where they were planted.
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1) This link takes you to the American Daffodil Society website, which in turn has links to many more related sites.  At least one of those websites will point out that daffodils are native to Spain, Portugal and Morocco, where they grow in the wild.
Posted March 19, 2002.