Saanen goats.  St. John's Road, Franklin County.  February 24, 2002.   3:51 p.m. EST.  38° 15.51'N  84° 58.66'W.  View is W.

Photographer's comments:
     A growing number of small farmers in Kentucky keep a few goats in the barnyard.  Goat milk is in demand by people whose bodies can't tolerate cow's milk.  Goats also can be raised for meat.  But I suspect that because the animals are so intelligent, friendly and generally endearing, many people would rather sell their excess goats than slaughter them.
     The goats in the photo above are does, as are most goats you'll see in the country.  Those positive characteristics I mentioned only apply to does, not bucks.  Bucks are known to be bad-smelling animals with a destructive nature, and they usually are only kept by breeders.
     By the way, these goats, above, are Saanens.  Originally bred in Switzerland, Saanens are heavy milkers, and have been referred to as "the Holstein of goats".
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     1) Here are the same goats beside the barn where they live.
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Posted March 8, 2002.