Elliott County.  December 2, 2001.  3:31 p.m. EST.

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     We don't have front license tags in Kentucky, so that gives us another spot for personal expression.  This "Frank and Charlene" personalized license plate isn't typical, but it's not unusual.
     I'm aware that some of you may think that I'm poking fun at Frank and Charlene, but that's not true.  I shot the picture because the license plate caught my eye; there is a colorful earnestness about it.  I don't know Frank or Charlene, but I can guess that Frank might have bought the plate and had it personalized at a county fair, to display on the front bumper of his Chevy pickup truck, for all to see.
     It's a simple statement:  Frank and Charlene love each other, and together they are devoted to God.  No one in my circle of friends reveals love and faith in such a public way.  And on the front bumper of my own pickup truck, there is no statement at all. 
Posted December 4, 2001.