Franklin County.  November 25, 2001.  38° 13.33'N  84° 54.81'W.  4:36 p.m.  EST.  View is E.

     I pass this "buzzard" roost nearly every day.  Dozens of turkey vultures (they are not buzzards, but that's what most people call them) roost there whenever they choose to.  For years, they have roosted in a few trees in this small area.
     Turkey vultures are fascinating and, of course, useful creatures.  Follow the link below to learn more about them. 
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     1) Detail of the above photo.
     2) Soaring turkey vulture.
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1) This is the site of the Turkey Vulture Society, an actual non-profit organization.
More location information:
Visible from US 421 (Bald Knob Road), about two miles north of Frankfort.  Just past Hilltop Market. 
Posted December 4, 2001.