Jessamine County.  November 15, 2001.  4:58 p.m. EST.

Photographer's comments:
     Hedge apples aren't specific to Kentucky, by any means, but they can be found all over the state.  Hedge apple fruit is about the size of a grapefruit, weighing roughly a pound.  Before the invention of barbed wire in the late 19th-Century, pruned hedge apple trees were used as livestock fencing.
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     1) Hedge apples scattered over the front yard of a house in Jessamine County.
     2) Hundreds of hedge apples in the ditchline along KY 1974.
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      1) The Great Plains Nature Center website has plenty of info on the Osage orange.
     2) If you want to buy some hedge apples, is the place to go.
More location information:
Off KY 1974 in Jessamine County, a few miles north of the Valley View ferry. 
Tech notes:
   The hedge apple in the photo above was shot on the roof of my car (it's white), with a micro lens.  The thick black line at the left of the photo is a cellphone antenna cable.
Posted November 18, 2001.