Madison County.  37° 50.81'N  84° 26.11'W.  November 15, 2001.  4:34 p.m. EST.  View is N.

Photographer's comments:
     The Valley View Ferry on the Kentucky River is one of just a handful of ferries still operating in the state today.  Of those, the Valley View Ferry is by far the oldest, having been in continuous operation since 1785.  The town of Valley View, on the Madison County side of the river, has only about 200 residents; but in its early days it was a thriving river community larger than Lexington, which is today Kentucky's second-largest city.
     As a personal note, my Perkins ancestors moved from Virginia and settled in the Valley View area in the early 19th Century.  In fact, county road maps note a community named "Perkins" right by Valley View.  Perkins, the community, no longer exists; but there still are many residents of the area in the Perkins family.
Other photos of this subject:
     1) A view of the ferry from the Jessamine County side.  The community of Valley View is in the background on the Madison County side.
     2) Eric Vaughn Underhill, one of the captains of the ferry.
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      1) All the necessary info about the ferry is on this page from Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government.
     2) Here's a list of all ferries operated in Kentucky.  It's from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet website.
More location information:
On KY 169 between Lexington and Richmond.  For more specific directions, check out the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government link (1) below. 
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Posted November 18, 2001.