Raw materials storage at the Trus Joist fabricated lumber factory in Perry County.  37° 21.90'N  83° 16.58'W.  November 5, 2001.  3:17 p.m. EST.  View is W.

Photographer's comments:
     Trus Joist  is an Idaho-based company that manufactures structural beams and dimensional lumber from softer hardwoods such as poplar.  Logs are shredded, glued and re-formed under high pressure.  The factory near Hazard is one of a number of industries in Eastern Kentucky that are built on "flat-tops", mountains whose tops have been removed by surface coal mining.  Such mountaintop removal results in hundreds of acres of relatively level ground, which is at a premium in Appalachia. 
More location information:
Coalfield Regional Industrial Park off KY 15 north of Hazard. 
Posted November 12, 2001.