Huge maple tree encroaching on an abandoned farmhouse.  Lincoln County.  August 15, 2001.  6:15 p.m. EDT.

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     This old farmhouse appeared to be abandoned; several windows and even the front door were missing.  But the lawn was freshly mowed.  In the backyard sat a lawnchair that appeared to be used recently.  My guess--and of course it's only a guess--is that this was an old "homeplace", now empty, and that a family member would come by a few times in the summer to cut the grass, then sit out back and reminisce.
     I drove by this location again about three years after I shot the picture.  The house and the big tree were gone.  The lot and the field around it had been graded smooth, marked off with new fencing. 
Posted February 1, 2002; revised February 16, 2006.