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12-29-2001.  A boat, cedars and other snow scenes in Shelby and Franklin counties.

12-10-2001.  Large sculpture of an eagle, made with scrap metal.  Franklin County.

12-2-2001.  "Frank and Charlene" personalized license plate.  Elliott County.

11-25-2001.  "Buzzard" roost off Bald Knob Road.  Franklin County.

11-19-2001.  An elm tree in the rain at the end of Indian summer.  Franklin County.

11-15-2001.  Abandoned farmhouse, brick on a solid stone foundation.  Jessamine County.

11-15-2001.  The Valley View Ferry on the Kentucky River, Madison-Jessamine counties.

11-15-2001.  Osage orange fruit (hedge apples) found in the front yard of a house in Jessamine County.

11-10-2001.  Deer being brought in for processing on the first day of hunting season, Shelby County.

11-5-2001.  Thousands of logs stacked at a fabricated-lumber factory, Perry County.

10-31-2001.  Graveyard (1811) at Shakertown, Pleasant Hill, Mercer County.

10-22-2001.  Shantyboat on the Kentucky River.  Franklin County.

10-21-2001.  Autumn yard display with a political message.  Franklin County.

10-16-2001.  Wigwam Village, 1930s tourist cabins, Barren County.

10-16-2001.  "God Bless America" sign in Cave City, Barren County.

10-16-2001.  The old Sunnyside Saloon, now boarded up, in Lebanon, Marion County.

10-10-2001.  Cadillac sedan sitting in front of a country church.  Franklin County.

10-4-2001.  North Benson Creek during the dry season.  Franklin County.

9-26-2001.  Goldenrod--Kentucky's misunderstood and underappreciated state flower.

9-15-2001.  Veteran waving an American flag at a busy intersection.  Franklin County.

9-13-2001.  Riprap and a warning sign on Kentucky Dam.  Marshall County.

9-7-2001.  North Fork Baptist Church at dusk.  Franklin County.

9-7-2001.  Dropping sticks, getting ready to cut tobacco.  Franklin County.

9-4-2001.  Tobacco cutters at the end of the day.  Shelby County.

8-28-2001.  Kudzu takes over a used car lot.  Knox County.

8-25-2001.  Souvenir "rock shop" faced with hundreds of geodes.  Mercer County.

8-21-2001.  Historic High Bridge near Wilmore.  Jessamine County.

8-21-2001.  Kentucky Utilities power plant at Dix Dam, seen from Jessamine County.

8-17-2001.  Boulder on top of a blue Chevrolet.  Floyd County.

8-15-2001.  Huge maple tree encroaching on an old farmhouse.  Lincoln County.  

7-4-2001.  'No Fish Guts' on trash can at Kentucky River boat ramp.  Franklin County.

6-22-2001.  Racist graffiti painted on a guardrail.  Franklin County.