The Simon Furniture building on Mero Street in Frankfort, Franklin County.  September 2000.  About 8 p.m. EDT.

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     Simon Furniture Company in Frankfort was located in an early-to-mid 19th-Century brick building which in years past had been, among other things, a tavern.  It was part of a two-square-block area of houses and commercial buildings condemned to make way for a new state government office building.  The condemnation was tied up in lawsuits for several months, but all the old buildings eventually came down and construction on the huge office building began, and was completed in early 2004.  Simon Furniture relocated to a shopping center a couple of miles away.
     The photos below show year-by-year construction progress, from the same point of view as the September 2000 picture, above.

Other photos
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By September 2001, the site has been cleared, but construction has not begun.  
In November 2002, Mero Street itself has been torn up and steel framework of the building is starting to go up.  

By September 2003, the office building and an adjoining parking garage are nearly complete.  Mero Street has been repaved.  
Here is the completed building, headquarters of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, in September 2004.  These photos show just part of the construction project, which covers more than two square city blocks.  
Posted February 12, 2006.