The Dickbrains [1980]

There's the whole backstory of the early Louisville Punk Scene (No Fun; The Endtables; The Blinders; The Babylon Dance Band) that won't be deciphered here. Nor will I go into any band dynamics. The Dickbrains was an idea that floated around for a time under several guises and various names--sound familiar? In very early 1980 it finally sat down to some borrowed space and equipment with its permanent line up:

Guitar -- Cathy Irwin

Bass -- Alec Irwin

Drums -- Charles Schultz

Vocals -- Tari Barr

Vocals/Organ -- Douglas Maxson

The Dickbrains were very much of the Let's-Start-Our-Own-Band phenomenon. We became like the cute mascot of the scene, this bunch of kids who could barely play. We actually did refer to ourselves as the Bromley Contingent. Being in a band had the added bonus of giving us a legal right to be in a bar (all of us underage), as long as we were on the bill. The band barely lasted a handful of months; by June 1980, after about half a dozen performances, The Dickbrains were entering memory, abetted by a couple crummy live recordings. Material has been culled from these three cassettes and spruced up for the digital age on a sort of "All of . . . " CD-R entitled The Dickbrains: Dickbrains Rule! okay? It hints at the breadth of the band's songwriting. The beautiful thing about a band of that caliber was that we found it impossible to figure out covers, so other than a take on X-Ray Spex's Identity, it's all original material (in order of track listing):

Fat Man -- Cover Girl -- Tell Me About It -- Decay -- Identity -- Young and Ugly -- Don't Wanna Know It's You -- Original -- Cuts -- Laundromat -- Teach Me -- I'm Just Trying to Get Along -- Walk Away -- It's Over -- Jungle Song

Though incredibly short-lived, The Dickbrains acquired a small measure of immortality as one of the bands featured in Tom Carson's Village Voice cover story on the Louisville scene. By the date of publication The Dickbrains were half a year buried. And in a classic case of Louisville Luck, the scene's first national exposure hit the streets of New York City the exact same week the same streets saw John Lennon gunned down . . . lost in the shuffle again!


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