The body:
The chunk of wood for the clown's body is a 3" section of a 2x2 (can be slightly longer or shorter for a tall or short clown), with 3 1/4"-1/2" holes drilled in it.

One hole is for the arms and is about 1/2" from the top, through the middle of the block. The other 2 holes are for the legs and are spaced about 3/4" apart, about 1/2" from the bottem, perpendicularly to the first hole.


The arms and legs:
Sew the 2 rectangular pieces of fabric into narrow tubes (approx 1"), and turn. (you will have a 7" and a 10" tube)

Feed one end of the 10" tube into one of the leg holes from the front, and back out through the other leg hole from the back. This will form the clown's legs. (This may require a LOT of patience, and/or a narrow stick for pushing the fabric through. I found the straight end of a steel crochet hook worked well.) Make sure both of the clowns legs are the same length. Lightly stuff the legs to about 1" from the end, tie them off with yarn or ribbon. Trimming the fabric edges with pinking shears gives a nice finish.

Feed the 7" tube through the arm hole to form the clown's arms. Make sure the clowns arms are even. Lightly stuff the arms to within about 1" from the end, tie them off and trim as for the legs.

The head:
Glue one of the circles onto the top of the block for the clown's collar. Glue the wooden face bead on top of this collar.

Slit the second circle to the center, fold over and glue to make a cone shaped hat. Glue this hat to the clowns head (you can add extra yarn or doll hair between the bead and the hat for the clown's hair). Glue a pom-pom to the tip of the hat.

Add two more pom-poms on the clown's chest.

Place your finished clown on a mantle or shelf, or set two back to back as bookends!

As made by Geneva Gordon