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The Major Bulletin is a newsletter I publish on a bimonthly basis with news and information regarding the Major family, the descendants of Samuel Major (1712-1799) and particularly his grandson Charles Major (1775-1857). The listing below is of the descent from Samuel's great-great-grandfather, the first Major in my line to emigrate from England, to me. If you find any ancestors of yours in this listing, please email me at with the relevant information. Thank you.

1 Richard Major I b: ABT 1600 in Hampshire, England d: 1664 in King William County, Virginia

+Jane Iremonger

2 George Major I b: 1631 in Hampshire, England d: Unknown

3 George Major II b: 1658 in New Kent (King and Queen) County, Virginia d: Unknown

+Ann Campbell m: 1682 in King William County, Virginia d: Unknown

4 George Major III b: 1683 in New Kent (King and Queen) County, Virginia d: Unknown

+Jane (?) Eyremongre b: ABT 1680 in Virginia m: ABT 1700 in Virginia d: Unknown

5 Samuel Major b: March 1711/12 in King William County, Virginia d: December 1799 in Middlesex County, Virginia

+Elizabeth Jones b: March 19, 1715/16 in Middlesex County, Virginia m: June 22, 1735 in Middlesex County, Virginia

6 Lodowick Jones Major b: 1742 in Culpepper County, Virginia d: Aft. 1830 in Christian County, Kentucky(?)

7 Charles Major b: December 3, 1775 in Culpeper County, Virginia d: June 25, 1857 in Christian County, Kentucky

+Mary Sims b: Bef. 1785 in Virginia m: 1800 in Culpeper County, Virginia d: 1820 in Madison County, Virginia

8 Madison Sims Major, Sr. b: March 13, 1820 in Madison County, Virginia d: October 6, 1876 in Christian County, Kentucky

+Harriett Elmira Garrott b: February 4, 1825 in Christian County m: September 29, 1841 d: May 30, 1882 in Christian County

9 James Agee Major b: March 31, 1848 in Christian County, Kentucky d: November 1, 1897 in Christian County

+Mary Susan Gary b: September 27, 1852 in Christian County m: May 22, 1873 d: February 4, 1934 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

10 James Isaac Major b: January 30, 1883 in Christian County, Kentucky d: October 10, 1966 in Christian County, Kentucky

+Nancy Katherine Mabry b: July 29, 1884 in Carlisle County, KY m: January 30, 1908 d: March 4, 1965 in Christian County, Kentucky

11 Thomas Edward Major, Sr. b: April 7, 1918 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky d: December 21, 1971 in Lexington, Kentucky

+Elizabeth Jane McCord b: April 6, 1921 in Dawson Springs, KY m: October 21, 1948 d: June 27, 1995 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

12 Joseph Todd Major b: December 24, 1954 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

+Lisa Dianne Thomas b: October 30, 1962 in Henderson, Kentucky m: November 22, 1996 in Henderson, Kentucky

If you are descended from any of these people, please email me at so I can add you to my vast and growing database. Over 380 members of the Major family receive The Major Bulletin. I have received many letters and calls thanking me for my work in bringing the family together. I couldn't have done it without you.


By popular demand I am inserting pictures.

This is Lisa and me at our wedding.

Here we are with my family .

Leonard Lackey asked why I didn't have pictures. Okay, here he is with Julie, his wife.

Here are my grandparents and their children.

Lisa was chrismated into the Greek Orthodox Church, and here she is with the pastor.

Other Major Links

Jason Marbut , a descendant of the John Major born 1752, brother to Lodowick Jones Major listed above, has a Web site of his own, with information on the branches of the Major family in his home state of Texas.

Mike Major , a grandson of George Wilson Major born in 1891, brother of James Isaac Major listed above, is an accomplished sculptor and even has a Web page (advertising his work, but hey). Give it a look.

And as long as we're into external life, there is the organization of the best-known descendant of Charles Major, Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. It's a very pretty site.

Meanwhile, Edgar's son Edgar Evans Cayce and his daughter Gail Cayce Schwartzer (along with Douglas Richards) have compiled Edgar's viewings with other material into a book, Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited .

There are a number of Mabrys among the Major descendants (and vice versa; note my grandmother below) and Don Collins's Mabry page is a excellent starting place.

Chad Bridges (Dorothy Major Epperson's great-grandson) has a nice site, and he uses Family Tree Maker too.

More when I hear about them.


We regret to report the death of James Lester Major II on June 27, 1999, two weeks and one day before his ninety-seventh birthday, at his home in Clarksville, Tennessee. Jim was extremely helpful in compiling the information on this page and its subsequent ones. We will all miss him deeply.

Other Families

I am neglecting my other ancestors so far, so to list my


Madison Sims Major [1820-1876] m. Harriet Elmira Garrott [1825-1882]

James Agee Major

John Chambers Gary [1823-1897] m. Elizabeth Stubblefield Clark [1825-1896]

Mary Susan Gary

Seth Washington Mabry [1804-1884] m. Nancy Amy Walker [1821-1888]

James Middleton Mabry

Charles Jones Mabry [1819-1882] m. Judy Katherine Sallee [1826-1917]

Sophronia Mabry

David Johnson McCord, Sr. [1801-1867] m. Milly Campbell Pool [1808-1864]

David Johnson McCord, Jr.

James F. Meacham [1817-1898] m. Mary West [1816-1890]

Sarah Elizabeth Meacham

Anderson Todd [1820-1888] m. Fannie Brown [1817-1899]

James Madison Todd

John Samuel Shepherd [1823-1911] m. Lucy Thomas Roberts [1822-1890]

Nancy Jane Shepherd


James Agee Major [1848-1897] m. Mary Susan Gary [1852-1934]

James Isaac Major

James Middleton Mabry [1846-1928] m..Sophronia Mabry [1851-1919]

Nancy Katherine Mabry

David Johnson McCord, Jr. [1849-1930] m. Sarah Elizabeth Meacham [1848-1929]

Joseph Aubrey McCord

James Madison Todd [1844-1883] m. Nancy Jane Shepherd [1854-1914]

Jane Kathryn Todd


James Isaac Major [1883-1966] m. Nancy Katherine Mabry [1884-1965]

Thomas Edward Major

Joseph Aubrey McCord [1884-1952] m. Jane Kathryn Todd [1879-1962]

Elizabeth Jane McCord

Parents and Brothers:

Thomas Edward "Tommy" Major [1918-1971] m. Elizabeth Jane "Betty Jane" McCord [1921-1995]

Thomas Edward "Tem" Major, Jr. [1951-] m. 1) Joyce Amanda Wilson [1953- ] 2) Julia "Julie" Franklin [1951- ]

Joseph Todd Major [1951- ] m. Lisa Dianne Thomas [1962- ]

David Lee Major [1962- ]

I hope this reveals some names of interest. If so, please reach out and touch me at .

If you have the time (it is a really big file) you can view or download the listing (as correct as I can make it) of the descendants of Charles Major (1775-1857) and Mary Sims (bef. 1785-ca.1820) by clicking here . If you (or your ancestors) are on it please drop me a note at .

There is a cascade of tables that may be a little easier to navigate, though it is not by any means complete, which you can reach by clicking here . This needs a lot more work, of course, and I have put in the more interesting lines first.

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