FOSFAX is the science-fiction fanzine I write for, primarily. It is published quarterly (barring disaster) and is available for trade, comment, contribution, $4 a sample issue, or $12 a year from

The Falls of the Ohio Science Fiction and Fantasy Association

Post Office Box 37281

Louisville, Kentucky 40233-7281


The current issue is number 203. This contains:

Reviews of science-fiction and fantasy books such as Ben Bova's Venus, Chris Bunch's Corsair, John Dalmas's Soldiers, Lawrence Watt-Evans's Night of Madness, David Gerrold's Jumping Off the Planet, Kurt Giambastiani's The Year the Cloud Fell, Robert A Heinlein's Tropas Estalares [i.e., the Portuguese edition of Starship Troopers], Stephen R. Lawhead's Avalon, Dean Koontz's False Memory, Mike Resnick's The Outpost and his Tales of the Galactic Midway, John Ringo's A Hymn Before Battle, Harry Turtledove's Aftershocks and his Through the Darkness, David Weber's Changer of Worlds, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Communion Blood.

As well as reviews of books about the field, including Camille Bacon-Smith's Science Fiction Culture and Leon Stover's annotated edition of H. G. Wells's The War of the Worlds.

Related books reviewed include Michael Cassutt's Red Moon, Mary Higgins Clark's Before I Say Good-Bye, James Vance Marshall's White-Out, Jamyang Norbu's Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Years, and J. T. Sibley's Norse Mythology . . . According to Uncle Einar.

Con reports cover Duckon X, Kubla Kahn XXIX, and NameThatCon 14.

Historical reviews of books such as Charles Allen's Soldier Sahibs, Richard J. Evans's Lying About Hitler, Frank Hurley's Shackleton's Argonauts, and Charles F. Laseron's South with Mawson .

Political reviews of books such as David Limbaugh's Absolute Power and Sally Satel's PC, M.D.

Letters of comment from all over the world, and from such famous (or infamous) fans as Harry Andruschak, Dainis Bisenieks, Roberto de Sousa Causo, Ron Clarke, AL du Pisani, "E. B. Frohvet," Marty Helgesen, Chris Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Trinlay Khadro, Bill Legate, Rodney Leighton, Chuck Lipsig, George W. Price, Darrell Schweitzer, Aelx Slate, Rod Smith, Milt Stevens, Gene Stewart, Jim Stumm, Henry "Knarley" Welch, Taras Wolansky, Martin Morse Wooster, and Joe Zeff, along with comments from divers sundry pros such as Jack McDevitt.

A diverse miscellany of other things, mainly short notes on books sfnal and related. Not to mention ongoing political commentary, in and out of the locs.

A vast variety of art by such fanartists as Ray Allard, Sheryl Birkhead, Ben Böst, P. L. Carruthers-Montgomery, Roberto de Sousa Causo, Randy Cleary, Paul Gadzikowski, Teddy Harvia, Trinlay Khadro, Joe Mayhew, Scott Patri, Peggy Ranson, Dave Rike, Darrell Schweitzer, Phil Tortorici, B. Ware, Alan White, and some dippings from our trove of Rotslers and Gunns, all under a cover by José Sanchez.

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The deadline for FOSFAX #204 is August 5, 2001.

Locs and material may be submitted to or


Links to some of my writings on:

Science Fiction:

About the one thing that I seem to be best known for is my discussions of Heinlein's Juveniles .

Professor Leon Stover has been creating annotated editions of H. G. Wells's seminal works of SF. Here is commentary on three, The Invisible Man and The First Men In the Moon jointly and The Sleeper Wakes separately.

Another item, one that got me some notice, was a review of H. Beam Piper's philosophical space opera (yes), Space Viking.

Espionage and history:

Double Lives by Stephen Koch, the true and terrible history of the Innocents Clubs;

The Secret World of American Communism by Harvey Klehr, John Eric Haynes, and Fridrikh Igorevich Firsov, the first blast of the trumpet against the conspiracy so immense;

Bombshell by Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel, the story of A-Bomb spy Teddy Hall, Agent MLAD, licensed to steal;

Dossier by Edward Jay Epstein, the story of the great user in the name of the People, Armand Hammer; and

The Soviet World of American Communism, by Klehr, Haynes, and Kyrill M. Anderson, the story of what lackeys the CPUSA were.

The Haunted Wood by Allen Weinstein and Alexander Vassiliev;

A double article on VENONA , the more-than-top secret code-cracking, reviewing books by Harvey Klehr & John Eric Haynes, and by "Nigel West".

The story of a whirlpool of filth, The Sword and the Shield, by KGB archivist and defector Vasili Mitrokhin and espionage writer Professor Christopher Andrew, a work that has had some explosive results.

A commentary on truth in advertising, or truth in something, Counterfeit Spies by Rupert "Nigel West" Allason.

Here is a discussion of two books connected to Operation DOWNFALL , the proposed invasion of Japan.

There is also a matter of alternate history.


Here's something about Mission: Impossible that some of you may find, well, interesting.

The Oscars are done and spoken for, but gee, what they could have done. . .

If you're tired of Processed Fantasy Product, why not read it all at once, with Diana Wynne Jones's The Tough Guide to Fantasyland?

And Science Fiction has its own predictive problems.

I bet you didn't know that Lemuel Gulliver got edited when he wrote about Japan.

Now that the epochal year of A.U.C. MMDCCLIII is upon us, it might be interesting to see what the Romans did about their version of the Y2K crisis

The invervention in Kossovo wasn't quite what you thought.

And here is a political satire about the consequences of the RICO law.

Since Lisa has been writing about adopting the cats , here are their stories.


Here is our farewell report to RiverCon.

After that, we went to Chicago, to ChiCon.

Parthecon in Nashville had its own interest, but I found it more to my liking than some did.

For the past few years, we have been going to the Sherlock Holmes/Arthur Conan Doyle Symposium in Dayton, Ohio, and this last one was interesting.

Read about our anniversary trip to Chicago and the Field Museum

(More to come as I get time)


A number of people who are friends to FOSFA and FOSFAX, one way or another, deserve connections:

First off, there is the grand master of Fandom himself, Bob Tucker , who had a kind word for me and us at Rivercon a few years ago.

Among our contributors, there is Rod "Rodford Edmiston" Smith , the Stickmaker himself, ferreter-out of that obscure sort of scientific knowledge that fans love; and Paul Gadzikowski , artist, writer, and general all-round good guy.

Among the folks who trade with us, there is Henry "Knarley" Welch, co-editor of The Knarley Knews, father of three fine children, and general all-round good guy.

For the fan seriously devoted to fan history and information, Garth Spencer has provided a fine selection at his Royal Swiss Navy site.

And speaking of Navy, Leigh Kimmel , fan artist, fan writer, and striver for exculpation, has a nice page.

For news from a large and active fan community (no matter what <sneer> certain </sneer> people say, check out Debbi Hussey's Pookha page with information on the Middle Tennessee Science Fiction Society, the world of Khen Moore, Kubla Khan and its successor Parthecon, and much, much Moore!

More as I hear about them.

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