The Alternate History Page

I have been interested in alternate histories ever since reading If the South Had Won the Civil War, back when I was in fifth grade. For a long time these were pretty rare, and one had to look and look.

Gradually I became more analytical, and began dismissing certain AH as poorly structured, lacking in total consideration, and occasionally flatly wrong. When I discovered the Internet, I found that others thought the same way.

So, now, here are a few of my alternatives. If you like them (or even if you don't) send word to me at and let me know. I hope to work one or two of them up into full book form, as people have been encouraging me to do.

How could exploring Antarctica make a difference in the War to End War? Well, put the right man in the right place and you can go From the South Pole to the Somme.

Isn't it terrible when a great man dies? Think of how hard the Manhattan Project would have been without that notable math whiz Leonard Marx and his brothers, whose Obituaries are given here.

The communications of one sovereign to another are fraught with significance for the whole world. As may be seen in this Letter from Peru.

Small things (like plasmodia) can make for great differences. As we shall see when examining what would have happened If Coxinga had lived longer

More to come.

Updated June 24, 2001.