The Life and Times of Joseph T Major

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There are two main interests I think you will be looking for and you will find them below. One is the science fiction fanzine I write for, FOSFAX. This is a publication that comments on a great many things in and out of science fiction, including mundane politics and if you have been looking for it you will know what I am getting at. Click on the title below for more information.

The other is my family. I am looking for descendants of my great-great-great-grandfather Charles Major (born December 3, 1775 in Culpeper County, Virginia, died June 25, 1857 in Christian County, Kentucky). There should be a stemma of my descent from Richard Major (born ca. 1600 in Hampshire, died 1664 in King William County, Virginia) with siblings, also a list of other ancestors.


I was born Christmas Eve, 1954, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. I started reading at the age of two, and have a newspaper account to verify it.

After school in Hopkinsville and Frankfort, Kentucky, college in Louisville, Clarksville, Tennessee, and Bowling Green, Kentucky, I tried to get permanent work for several years. Finally, in 1988, I was hired by the Jefferson County Air Pollution Control District, where I still work. I am a computer programmer so this is a sort of busman's holiday, but I like it.

In the early 1990s' I met fellow science fiction fan and loc-hacker Lisa Thomas. We were gradually attracted to each other and were married on November 22, 1996. I rather like it.

This was what we looked like when we got married.

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