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July 21, 2016

Bluegrass Mensa is a local chapter of Mensa International, a not-for-profit society whose sole qualification for membership is a score in the top 2% on any of a number of standard IQ tests. Mensa has three major purposes: Mensa holds no opinions, champions no causes, and is not affiliated in any way with other organizations. Bluegrass Mensa serves central and eastern Kentucky, and is in Mensa Region 3. Our bylaws were last revised in 2005. Each month we usually have a:

If you live or work in our area, and are interested in joining Mensa, please contact our LocSec, Kaye Arnold, by E-mail at or by phone at (859)229-9246. (859)253-1178. If you live outside our area, please E-mail American Mensa's National office at for information on a Mensa group near you.


Pictures of some Bluegrass Mensa Events

Games Night
Games Night
Dine-Around Dinner
Dine-Around Dinner
Monthly Party
Monthly Party
Jackson B. Lackey Picnic
Annual Jackson B.
Lackey Picnic

Who's Who in Bluegrass Mensa

Kaye Arnold

Karen D.
Vice LocSec

John Barnes
Treasurer, Proctor Coordinator, Publisher, and Webmaster

Sabine G.
At-Large Member, Scholarship Chair, Eastern Kentucky Area Coordinator, and Editor

N. T. Ricker
At-Large Member, Editor
N. T.

Ron H.
At-Large Member

Mayur Shah
At-Large Member

Michael Campbell

Connie H.

Some Other Active Members and Friends


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