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All of these files are in Adobe PDF format.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.  Internet Explorer and Netscape both come with this reader, reader, but if you click on these items below and you can't view them, just, click here to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader:

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Here is a copy of the sheet you use with your instructor for each lesson.  This is a required document for all of my students, please have extras...


Want to know how to talk on the radio?  Well here you go, just click to download. These sheets will help give you an idea of what things to say when you are approaching, entering, and inside of an uncontrolled field's airspace.  These papers will help you 'see and avoid' other aircraft (quote taken from the FAR/AIM, 'nuf said.)


Here is a copy of a Piper Cherokee 140 POH.  It has notes for all of our aircraft so that you can practice doing weight & balance calculations.

This is a required download for our students.  You Must become familiar with all aspects of the aircraft you are flying.



  Here is a sheet for obtaining a Standard Weather Briefing from Flight Service. Print a bunch out so you'll have 'em!

Here is a PDF for some Lesson Note pages that you can use while you are taking notes with your instructor. Just something I did while I was bored one day...