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If you are a student at Wilgrove,

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Aircraft Checklists - Checklists for several Cessna and Piper models from C-172, C-182, PA28 etc.

You will need the Acrobat viewer for this.

8710 Form - This is the same 8710 Form from the FAA's site, except instead of the checkboxes being filled in with black squares, this one actually puts checkmarks in the checkboxes- gee, what a good idea...

This is now not a requirement for your checkride, but you will need to provide the same information to the FAA, so you can use this as a guide.

You will need the Acrobat viewer for this.

This is a Weight and Balance Form for the Piper Seminole I wrote in Excel  for my checkrides while I was at AllATPs.

Get the Excel Viewer Here

This is a blank VFR Flight Planner form.  You need the Acrobat viewer for this.  This is handy if you want to print out a bunch of blank forms for you or your students.


This is my baby- a Flight Planner done in Excel.  This sucker does it all!  It calculates true course, time enroute based on fuel burn, wind direction, etc. I wrote this for a check ride, but have used it on all of my VFR cross countries since.  It is designed to be folded in half so it'll fit in your kneeboard. I'm very proud of this so let me know what you think...