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Here is a post from Usenet about Cessna 172 Models - Very Informative

From: Wes Grady (wes@mailzone.com)
Subject: Re: Web Site for C-172 Models? 

Date: 1999/06/04

The Flying Dutchman wrote:
> Is there a web site that details the differences in the various year and
> model numbers of the Cessna 172?  For instance, what is the differences
> between a C-172M and a C-172P, and what years where each mftd?
> Thanks,
> Dutch

How's this?

172 170B with tricycle gear, square vertical tail and Continental
O-300-C, 145 hp engine.

172A 172 with swept vertical tail

172B 172A with deeper fuselage, new windshield, revised cowling and
propeller spinner, external baggage door and new instrument panel, new
paint and spats.

172C 172B with minor changes

172D 172C with cut-down rear fuselage and omni-visioon rear windows

172E 172D with electric flaps, optional rear child seat and minor

172F 172E with minor changes (also called USAF T-41A)

172G 172F with minor changes (also called USAF T-41A)

172H 172G with new nose u/c and spats, modified engine cowling, new
instrument panel (also called USAF T-41A)

172I 172H with 150hp Lycoming O-320-E2D engine and 40# useful load

172J Initial designation for modell 177.

172K 172I with enlarged rear side windows, smooth dorsal fin fillet,
rudder trim tab and cambered wingtips. (also known as USAD T-41A)

172L 172K with tubular steel u/c, now mounted landing light, new spats.
1972 model has longer fin fairing.

172M 172L with wing leading edge camber.  1974 model has new spats and
enlarged baggage area.

172N 172M with 160hp Lycoming O-320-H2AD engine, air-conditioning, new
seats, etc.

172P Called the Skyhawk 100. 172N with Lycoming O-320-D2J engine, 89#
useful load incrase, modified elevator and optional long range tanks.

172Q Called the Cutlass.  172P with 180hp Lycoming O-360-A4N engine

R172K Called the Hawk XP.  172N with 195hp Continental IO-360K engine,
constant speed prop, luxury interior and 116# useful load increase.

P172D 172D powered by 175hp Continental GO-300-E Powermatic geared
engine and revised cowling with dorsal gearbox fairing.

172RG Cutlass RG.  172N with retractable u/c, 180hp Lycoming O-360-F1a6
engine and 3 blade c/s prop.

If the model number has an "F" in front of the number, it was built in
Reims.  If it has an "R" it is the model built for the USAF or foreign
military use under US approval.

Years of manufacture

172 19057-59
172A 1960
172B 1961
172C 1962
172D 1963
172E 1964
172F 1965
172G 1966
172H 1967
172I 1968
172K 1969-1970
172L 1971-1972
172M 1973-1976
172N 1977-1980
172P 1981-1986
172Q 1983-1984
R172K 1977-1982
P172D There were 69 built, but I don't have years.