Learning to Fly


Inside the Cockpit




Hold your mouse over each instrument to see it's name - click on the instrument for a closeup

Magnetic Compass Clock Airspeed Indicator Attitude Indicator - Artificial Horizon Altimeter Airplane's 'N' Number Annunciator Panel - Warning Lights VOR 1- Very High Frequency Omnirange Receiver (with glideslope indicator) VOR 2 - Very High Frequency Omnirange Receiver ADF - Automatic Direction Finder Tachometer VSI - Vertical Speed Indicator Heading Indicator or Directional Gyro Turn Coordinator Fuel Flow and Exhaust Gas Temperature Indicator Fuel Gauges Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature Gauge Vacuum Pressure Gauge Circuit Breakers Circuit Breakers Circuit Breakers Ignition Switch Master Switch Avionics Master Switch Misc. Switches for Lights, Pitot Heat Navigation & Communication Radios, GPS, Transponder, Autopilot Control Fuel Mixture Control Throttle Yoke Yoke