Meet my bowling ball, Snuffy. In the winter season, Snuffy & I bowl in two leagues: on Tuesdays, we bowl in the Tuesday Tigers. On Thursdays, we bowl in the Rookettes, where I'm the secretary/treasurer. In the summer season, we also bowl in two leagues: on Tuesday mornings, we bowl in the Thorns and Roses. On Tuesday nights, we'll be bowling in the Non-Burley league. The table below shows how we're doing, currently.

League Team Standing Date of Series Team Scores Cur. Avg. Individual Scores
Thorns & Roses Team #2 Just Started 7 May 2002 2/2 points 158 163136176
Non-Burley The Scooby Gang 2nd in a Field of 8 25 June 2002 4/4 points 136 109133170
Tuesday Tigers The Scooby Gang Finished 5th in a field of 10 16 April 2002 4/4 points 142 110212165
Rookettes The Officers Finished 2nd in a field of 6 18 April 2002 3/4 points 146 164138151


On the 16th and 23rd of February, I bowled in the Lexington Women's Bowling Association City Tournament. It was a fun experience, even though we didn't qualify for any of the money prizes. One of my teammates scored her first 200 game at the tournament.

Recently, I've been subbing for a friend in Louisville, so I'm now a member of two local bowling associations.

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Last modified: 25 June 2002