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Spring Street Park

Significant as the only public boat ramp on the Ocmulgee River in the city of Macon or in Bibb County. Also, it is part of the Ocmulgee River Greenway trail. This is definitely an urban park. However, if you are not too bothered by the roar of Interstate 16, then the river and huge hardwoods can provide a pleasant short walk.

In 2002, the park trail was paved and landscaped, making it suitable for wheelchairs, strollers, and the like. In 2003, the park expanded westward, doubling the trail length to approximately two miles.


The park has three entrances.

Spring Street Bridge entrance

The Spring Street entrance is the main entrance, leading to the center of the park, the boat ramp, and the parking lot. The entrance is at the northeast corner of the Spring Street Bridge.

Glen Ridge Drive entrance

Glen Ridge Drive is the western entrance, suitable for pedestrian and bicyclists. Due to a lack of parking, motorists should use the Spring Street entrance.

A short walk on Glen Ridge Drive leads to a pedestrian entrance to Jackson Springs park. Jackson Springs, with its elegant landscaping, is a refreshing contrast to Spring Street Park's contemporary landscaping.

Otis Redding Bridge entrance

The Otis Redding Bridge entrance provides pedestrian and bicyclist access to the eastern end of the park. Because of the lack of parking, motorists should use the Spring Street entrance. The Otis Redding Bridge is on Martin Luther King Boulevard just north of downtown Macon, and the park entrance is at the northwest corner of the bridge. The Otis Redding Bridge entrance provides access to the Greenway and Ocmulgee National Park.

Greenway access

At the Otis Redding Bridge, the Greenway trail continues across the bridge to a small park called Gateway Park. Then the trail goes under the bridge along a narrow right-of-way to Central City Park.

Ocmulgee National Monument access

One option is to walk from the Otis Redding Bridge entrance about half a mile on city sidewalks. Another option is to drive from the Spring Street entrance. Directions

Access to services

There are no services immediately adjacent to Spring Street Park or the Greenway, but downtown is about six blocks on the other side of the river (southwest). Use either the Spring Street Bridge or Otis Redding Bridge exits.

River access

Upstream, the nearest good river access is Popes Ferry. Also, Waterworks Park in Macon offers canoe access, but the hours of operation are limited.
Just downstream from the Spring Street boat ramp is the Gateway Park canoe landing, but parking is a long ways up a steep hill. Unfortunately, the next good access downstream is more than twenty river miles. Information on access downstream.


approximately Latitude 32° 50' 45'' N, Longitude 083° 37' 40'' W

Point of Contact

Macon-Bibb Parks Recreation Department



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