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Sorry. The author has taken down the Middle Georgia Outdoors page, because he is no longer able to keep it up-to-date. For just short of nineteen years, Middle Georgia Outdoors provided a list of places to see wildlife in the Macon area.

If you want to see what Middle Georgia Outdoors used to look like, it is still available on the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is a nonprofit organization that keeps copies of millions of historical web pages.

Another old set of pages that may be of interest to Middle Georgia Outdoors readers is the Natural Communities, which used to be on the Robins Air Force Base web site. The Air Force took down these pages cira 2003, presumably because they were too expensive to upgrade to modern standards. Even if details regarding Robins are no longer accurate, these pages provide a good description of several plant and animal communities typical of the Middle Georgia area.

A note on using the Internet Archive: In most cases, it allows you to see more than one version of each page. It can be interesting to see how a page changed over time. However, sometimes the archive contains copies that are not very useful. In particular, if you see a "404 not found" message while viewing the Natural Communities pages, suggest you try another version of the page.

Finally, thanks to the persons who provided information or constructive criticism over the nearly two decade life of Middle Georgia Outdoors. Also, thanks to the land owners and managers who make their natural sites available to the public.