Galveston-Houston Electric Railway

It is commonly believed that the Gulf Freeway (Interstate 45) was built atop the right of way of the Galveston-Houston interurban.  This was indeed the case, but only for the few miles within the Houston city limits.  The vast majority of the route was preserved by the Galveston Houston Corp., and eventually was used for an electric power transmission line.  So it remains today, and most of the route can be followed without much difficulty from South Houston to Galveston Bay.  Here are some recent aerial photos from the Mapquest web site, showing typical stretches of the interurban line.

genoa.jpg (58246 bytes)

(above) This scene is between South Houston and Genoa.  The Gulf Freeway is at bottom left, with Fuqua Street intersecting.  On this and the following photos, the interurban right of way is the straight line running diagonally between the upper left to lower right corners.

clear creek.jpg (47627 bytes)

(above) Crossing Clear Creek south of Webster.  A trestle and the interurban power station were located here.

la marque.jpg (64974 bytes)

(above) La Marque, at the intersection of Highway 1764 and the old Galveston-Houston road (Highway 3).

virginia point.jpg (96770 bytes)

(above) Virginia Point, entering the Galveston Causeway.  The interurban right of way is not discernable in the immediate approaches to the causeway, due to highway and freight railroad construction in the area.  The causeway itself has seen little change, though, and for those aware of its history, it remains a monument to a great interurban line.

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