W A C K Y & W E I R D W A S H I N G T O N D C

Beyond the bevy of political folly, Washington DC also holds a wealth of the bizarre and truly odd for the hungry tourist. Here are some of our selections for wacky and weird Washington attractions.



J. Edgar Hoover gravesite / Old Congressional Cemetery

We don't know if ole J. Edgar is buried in taffeta, but we do know he's buried next to his life partner in this Southeast DC cemetery that also houses greater luminaries such as John Philip Sousa. The Cemetary also has claim to the remaining cremated ashes of assassinated SF Councilmember Harvey Milk, kept in the office safe.


Reston Monkey House

True life fodder for Robert Preston's novel Hot Zone and the movie Outbreak, the Hazelton Labs monkey house was finally torn down when the owners failed to rent the facility after that pesky Ebola Virus snafu ... go figure! You can visit the original site at 1946 Isaac Newton Square West, just off Wiehle Avenue, one block north of Sunset Hill Road, Reston VA.


National Museum of Health and Medicine
at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

In true Victorian interest for the mysterious and macabre, this Museum was originally housed on the National Mall amidst the Smithsonian grandeur but was moved off site to make way for the classier Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.
No, they don't have Dillinger's weenie on display, but they do have the bullet that assassinated Lincoln and you can touch a real brain or view the stomach-shaped hairball surgically removed from inside a 12-year-old girl!


The Awakening

A monumental sculpture originally located at Hains Point, East Potomac Park, of a bearded god erupting from the earth; his mammoth head, arms, legs and feet push from the soil ... kind of makes you wonder what is still lurking beneath the surface. The artwork has now been moved to National Harbor project in PG County, Maryland.
Grab your keys and a shovel!


Assassination Attempts and Suicides

President Ronald Reagan and James Brady, the Washington Hilton on Connecticut Avenue NW ... Vince Foster, Fort Marcy Park ... George C. Wallace, Laurel Shopping Center, Maryland Route 1 / Baltimore Avenue - a bank branch now sits on the shooting site.



The Smithsonian Postal Museum at Massachusetts Avenue and North Capital houses the stuffed remains of a turn-of-the-century postal mascot, Owney, a pup vested with metal postal tags.
Oh faithful Owneyists, make your pilgrimage now! Don't forget to check out the video history and purchase a coffee cup, kitchen magnet, lapel pin and postcards!


The Throne of the Third Heaven of Nations Millennium General Assembly

The National Museum of American Art houses this amazing work of folk art; a roomful of tables, altars, crowns and tablets covered in tin foil, cryptic language and craft paper, worked in celebration of a personal religion gone overboard. Found in a Washington DC garage in 1964 after the creator's death ... James Hampton, not the Creator represented in The Throne by lightbulbs.


The Exorcist Steps

No trip to Georgetown is complete without a stop by Thomas Sweets for ice cream
and then a jaunt over to these famous steps.


The Day The Earth Stood Still

Check out the film locations for this sci-fi classic at the Ellipse and over by Meridian Park. Before your visit rent this video and the equally weird Earth vs. The Flying Saucers.
Gort barrata nicto!


Scandal Sites

Intrigued by the salacious and unsavory? Watering holes located in dens of iniquity include the Watergate, Jefferson Hotel (Dick Morris), Pentagon City Ritz-Carlton (Marv Albert) and the Westin Hotel (the former Vista of Marion "Bitch set me up!" Barry infamy).


If you would like to add to our list, please feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

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